5 Daily Devotion by Streams of Joy Church


5 Daily Devotion by Streams of Joy Church

If you are Christian, looking forward to building more relationships with God, and you also want
to go deeper in your spiritual life. Then you need a daily devotion.
In this article, we will be talking about 5 daily devotions by Streams of Joy Church

What is devotion?

Devotion is when you are dedicated to something or loyal and passionate about it. You can be
devoted to God, music, movies, football, or anything.
You can be devoted to your family, your business, or your career. When you are devoted to
something, you spend most of your time and efforts on it.
Devotion is also the act of moving close to God by praying, studying the Bible, or praying to
Some people call this a quiet time, a sacred time, some call it a bible study.
These words direct us to the fundamental purpose of the time to grow deeper in our Christian
Devotions are also types of books we read as Christians. Devotional books contain varieties of
daily reading, Bible verses, and testimonies.
5 daily devotion by streams of joy Church

(1) A New Identity

The woman in the focal Scripture was portrayed as the woman that had the issue of blood. She
went through a lot in that affliction, to a point where people around her knew her by that
affliction. The affliction became her temperament. It swallowed her original temperament and
changed it to a negative one. The enemy placed a plague on her that covered her temperament.
Prayer: every evil circumstance that turned became your temperament shall end by fire. Every
demonic attack of the enemy that has become the definition of your temperament shall end by
fire. I command the attack to be destroyed. I destroy every temperament that God didn’t place in
our life. I destroy every coat of affliction that the enemy placed on you. I destroy every demonic
garment covering your body and every negativity shall be destroyed.
The woman would have been successful in her career, and business, But a bad identity showed
up and wiped out everything. Her Destiny was taken by the afflictions she went through.

Prayer: whatever the devil has poured in your body that wants to replace what God has blessed
you with shall be burnt down. You were not born to be known as what the enemy diminished
and transformed.

The woman of the issue of blood found Jesus, and he took the affliction of her life. Every
negative temperament the devil as placed in your life shall end in Jesus’ name I pray.
Bible scripture: Mark 5: 21-34
Read Isiah 43,62 for further reading.

(2) Divinely Fast-Tracked

Jairus was an official in the local synagogue, he heard so many things about Jesus. And the
miracles he performed. While Jesus was heading over to Jairus’ house, he met a woman on his
way who pleaded to allow her to touch his cloak, so she will recover from her bleeding. The
woman suffering from the issue of blood would have been cured earlier. But she wasn’t as
strong as others. And she didn’t have access to Jesus like Jairus did. But she was eventually
Prayer: you might not have access to what other people have, but God will grant your heart’s
desire. You might not have the help others have and their resources, but our heavenly Father
will make you possess your possession. You might not be as strong as other people but the line
will fall in pleasant places for you.
Bible scripture Mark 5: 21-34
Reads Psalm 66 further reading

(3) Keep Pushing

The woman that had the issue of blood touched Jesus’ garment while he was going to Jairus’
house. Press is a word that was used in this scripture which simply means pressure. All the
people behind Jesus were going through pressure, so the woman joined them. She was going
through problems that stopped her from moving. But she found Jesus. She had a hindrance on
her pathway but the pressure didn’t make it stop.
You might be going through hard times and pressure but, don’t let it stop you from moving, keep
pushing. There might be a roadblock on your way but keep pushing. You might come across
some rival that says things will continue to get worse at your end. But don’t listen to them just

keep pushing.
Bible scripture: Mark 5: 21-34
For further reading: Galatians 6

(4) Hope From Behind

The woman suffering from the issue of blood came from behind to touch Jesus’ garment. At that
time, they were lots of people following Jesus. Some other people wished they could touch him,
or touch his garment. They were other people trying to touch Jesus Christ but they didn’t have
the opportunity to. But fortunately, this woman was able to touch his garment from behind and
she succeeded.
Prayer: you might not come from the front but God our heavenly Father says you will surely
succeed. Some people might have gone ahead of you, some might be in a better position than
you. Some might be closer to the target, some might have gone farther, but believe that they will
surely hope from behind.
As God exists, you will move from the back to the front. You will move from Where you were
declined to where you will be accepted. Many might have written you off at some point, but you
will move to where you will be the most important person.
Bible Mark 5: 21-34
Further reading: Psalm 18

(5) Sent Men

When the woman suffering from the issue of blood met Jesus, she didn’t need any other man.
She met different men in the past that didn’t help her condition but made her condition worse
before she met this man that was the solution to her problem. She suffered from the issue of
blood for 12 good years before she found Jesus. He was her destiny helper and he didn’t
request a penny from her before he healed her. Jesus didn’t say no to her when he met her and
he turned out to be her destiny helper
Prayer: you will meet that one man that will be the solution to all your problems on earth. The
lord will send you a helper that will move you from grass to grace. God will send you just one
man that will do more than what you expected. The Lord will send one man that won’t demand
anything from you, but all that he will do is to make you increase in every area of your life.


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