Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD

Admirable Things About Pastor Jerry Eze


Pastor Jerry Eze is an amazing man of God that is a blessing to his generation. He is a
very young minister of the gospel who God has been using greatly for His glory all
around the world. God raised up His servant and He keeps using them for very great
exploits all around the world.

Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD
Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD

There are several admirable things about this man of God that we can highlight and
talk about here. Don’t forget that pastor Jerry Eze has been proving that he is a true
man of God and God has been manifesting His awesomeness through this man of
Let’s explore some of the most admirable things about him:

1. Pastor Jerry Eze was raised by the LORD Himself. This is one of the blessed things
about him, knowing that his ministry was handed to him by the Lord Himself. We
should take note of the fact that there are several people who went into these things
for reasons other than God. Of course, this is not something new at all, since we can
clearly see even from Paul’s letters that some folks are simply interested in doing
ministry for mischievous purposes.
But thanks to God. Glory to His Name. Pastor Jerry Eze was called by the Lord and
anointed to do the ministry which the Lord Himself has committed into His hands. He
was ordained by the Lord and has been consistent with this too. The servant of God is
keen on pleasing the Lord (one of the proofs) and that is what matters.

2. Pastor Jerry Eze is a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. These things starts from
somewhere: loving the Lord first before making attempts to work for him. This of
course is one of the reasons why it appears several things are happening that shouldn’t
be. We keep seeing several folks who are not first committed to the Lord Jesus. They
didn’t submit to Him and don’t even embrace Him as Lord and Savior, but want to do
the work of ministry.
One of the reasons you should admire this servant of God is because he loves the Lord
Jesus and wants to keep pleasing Him. One of the blessings of all of these is that the
man of God will continue to operate within the confines of the perfect Will of God
with ease. This is a blessing.

3. Pastor Jerry Eze is a real servant of God. If you should check the Scripture, you
will see the likes of Apostle Paul introducing himself first as a servant of the Lord
Jesus Christ before calling himself an Apostle. This means a real man of God must
first be a real servant of the Lord Jesus Christ before anything else. It is on the
platform of servanthood that the minister can keep drawing necessary strength to do
great exploits in the ministry the Lord has called them for.
Therefore, as a Christian, it is very advisable to be careful before making attempts to
submit to a particular preacher. You should first be aware that this particular minister
has submitted to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus and is indeed a servant of Him. This
is something you should not forget.

So, still talking about the servant of God, Pastor Jerry Eze, it is a good thing that he is
first a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is one of the core things to admire
about him before we can now talking about other things.

4. Pastor Jerry Eze is a very focused man of faith. Remember, he is still a young man
and is very focused with what he is doing. Don’t forget that there are several young
people who are not focused and don’t even have a specific direction. They are just
doing different things and are just touching different things too. However, pastor Jerry
Eze is focused and has faith in the Lord as well as what He is doing in his life.
This is an amazing quality that should be admired. Don’t forget that the Lord is
always good and expects us to always move with Him In full faith and trust. In a
world where many folks are simply living and seems to have trust issues (even
towards the Lord), we are grateful for people like pastor Jerry Eze who simply held on
to what the Lord is doing. It is definitely a blessing having a young pastor who is very
committed to what God is doing and isn’t easily distracted.

5. Pastor Jerry Eze is a man of the Spirit. One of the reasons we are grateful to the
Lord is because of the calibre of men He is raising today. These are people of the
Spirit who are walking in line with God’s perfect Will and are committed to giving
expression to the realities of the Lord.

Pastor Jerry Eze is a man of the Spirit that is committed to being lead by the Spirit.
Aside being led by the Spirit in his own personal life, he is also very keen on being
led by the Spirit for his ministerial exploits. This is very great, as it is what the Lord
wants. The Lord wants us to trust Him so much and to follow His leading in all ways –
even if we don’t seem to understand what He seems to be doing at a particular time.

In Conclusion

Pastor Jerry Eze is an amazing man of God and we are grateful to God for what He is
doing for and through His servant in such a time as this. He is a man we admire for
several things and we know the Lord will keep taking His servant higher in life. You
should not forget that God is going to be doing very great things through as many
young people that are ready to commit themselves to Him in these days. God alone be
blessed and praised forever and ever in Jesus Name. The church of God is marching
on in Jesus Name. Amen and Amen.


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