NSPPD 24 May 2022 New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration

NSPPD 24 May 2022 New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration

It’s another Tuesday in the presence

of God Open your heart and your mind and you will receive. Join Pastor Jerry Eze Live
New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration [NSPPD] –

    • Father in the name of Jesus we thank you for today
    • Today Oh Lord let your mercy triumph over judgment
    • Any judgment my decision or indecision has put in my life, any judgment I deserve let your mercy swallow swallowed in Jesus name shakarababab
    • Begin to plead the blood of Jesus over your life, family the Blood of Jesus
    • Lord let mercy prevail over every judgment in my life in Jesus’ name
    • Any evil judgment from any alter, any evil judgment of the enemy let them be swallowed by mercy
    • Oh Lord show me mercy
    • I don’t know who you are but I hear blood cloth in the liver I decree by the blood of Jesus let it be reversed in JESUS NAME
    • NSPPD Today I hear bone marrow issues i don’t know who you are but we command it to be reversed
    • OH LORD SHOW ME MERCY TODAY I ANNOUNCE only goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life in Jesus name
    • Whatsoever that is following me right now I command FIRE  FIRE  FIRE open your mouth  in today’s NSPPD 7 am Fire Prayer labrakakata ahakakababab pray pray
    • By the mercies of God Pastor Jerry Eze prays – I announce lt it be broken in Jesus name Let your Amen thunder
    • There is a little child I see, one of your ribs is broken, if you are the mother or father by the Power that raised Christ from the dead I command let the rib grow back again, a brand new rib let it be released in JESUS NAME
  • I don’t know who you are, you lost one of your eyes, the same pain that makes the eye bring is also on the other eye by the Mercy OF God I command let your two eyes be restored by Mercy in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord show me mercy, Lift up your two hands and say my father
  • My GOD, Abbah Father arise oh Lord pull me out of every pit of shame pull me out of every pit of setback
  • Any battle bigger than my family Abbah arise swallow by your mercy
  • Oh Lord arise and do what no man can do, Oh Lord show me your power, Oh Lord my eyes are on you show me mercy
  • Oh Lord rise show me mercy right now NSPPD prayer
  • NSPPD 24 May 2022 New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration


  1. Pastor Jerry buenas tardes disculpe no sé si le llegan los mensajes por favor le pido oración por sanidad física para Debora de columna vertebral y cadera de una caída que tuvo la cual le aparecieron unas ronchas en la parte final de la columna y aveces sufre de dolores.
    Por Gladys Pinillos y la familia OLAYA para que les salga la Herencia que tienen en lnglaterra de generaciones anteriores y si es la voluntad del SEÑOR.
    Por Bendiciones del SEÑOR en la economía de Yasmin Patricia y familia y con una vivienda también para padres Yamila y Óscar Jhonny Daniela familia familiares y amigos.
    Muchas gracias

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