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#. If you have a project that stopped suddenly or finances that ceased, get on your feet and lift up your hands before the Lord. A miracle that will surprise you in a way that you least expect within seven days miraculously will come for you! And it will start again!.
#. Every familiar spirit moving to you from your family, transferring the same pattern of negativity, suddenly let it be broken by fire!.
#. Raise your hands and recieve the mantle of more this week! More oppurtunities!, Grace!, Laughter!, And no depletion!.
#. Whatsoever was meant for you as an inheritance will not be lost due to your mistake!.

Jesus made a very plain explanation In the Bible about the days when people who do not appear or look or talk the “kingdom” are the ones who will inherit the kingdom, because those who appear/look or talk the kingdom don’t believe in the kingdom. There will be a switch. Don’t be part of the kingdom and be the type that never believe in the kingdom, believe in the “suddenly”.
The “word” of God swallows “Time and Process” or what you call “protocol”.
” I declare! If you’re thinking that thing will take so long. Before 1pm tomorrow, it will be evident in your hands!”.

“Goodness is coming on Monday morning!”.

“A miracle I’m form of Human being will find you where you are!”.

“The Lord brings your joy! Laughter! And goodness forward!”.

When you want time to submit, speak the Word!. Time will bow to you. It is not by “Process”.
Declare by saying this;
#. Suddenly! Miracle is on my way now!.

” You will win that case! Suddenly the Lord will open doors of oppurtunities! That results from the hospital is changing now! The Lord will establish you! He will make Himself known in your life, and they will call you back at that job!”.

You have waited too long, the word that swallows Time and Process will swallow that long process on your behalf today!.

“Suddenly your name will appear on the list!, You will be recommended and will be of great value!”.

DONATE USD $ God Bless you Richly

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