NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 19 TH APRIL 2022

Some Powerful prayer Points

Hosea 4:6; I shall not be a victim of the operations and activities of the
dark market this year.


  • Arise Oh Lord let affliction scatter
  • Arise Oh Lord let delay scatter
  • Arise Oh Lord let every Evil ordinance scatter
  • Arise Oh LORD LET Every Evil Circle scatter
  • Let that negativity in your linage be broken by Fire the spirit of epilepsy is destroyed
  • Today any Identify of stubborn challenge here the word of the Lord, Fire
    Somebody say stubborn challenge hear the word of God I cam coming our, I am coming out, I am coming out by Fire
  • I come out I break out By fire, By fire open your mouth NSPPD TODAY PRAY
  • Anyone under the sound of my voice, you thought you were seeing light suddenly it became dark again, any time you about to celebrate suddenly something goes wrong, wherever you are, I command let that circle break in Jesus name
  • Let your Amen Rise, Let your amen thunder Abakataraba
    I hear the Lord say to me Fibroid they are disappearing kabasakataya I don’t care how big they are Rakatabata but as you return I command let that Fibroid disappear!! disappear!! disappear Let your Amen Thunder
  • The seal of the Lord will move me to where I am ought to be, the seal of the Lord will perform it
  • Powers opposing my new seasons you are a lier bow bow bow bow NSPPD Prayer
    Today we decree as the hand of the Lord comes upon you, He moves you to your new season, He moves you right now, whether you are comfortable were you are today we decree move by fire, move by grace in Jesus name
  • Any power that say in the next 24 hours you will not leave your current level whatever power opposing this NSPPD Prayer alter in your life we command them to bow, we command them to scatter disappear by fire
  • Wherever you are, say today, I announce whatever the devil try to scatter around my life, I hear it again multiple strokes, you have been afflicted with multiple stokes if it looks like you drop testimony on the comment box that affliction will not return
  • You have had six eye surgery they are even saying you will go for more, the lord is saying no for the enemy has done this by the power that raise Jesus from the dead I announce that bondage is broken
  • Someone has a deciding Interview, A deciding panel you are going to meet today, if you will not keep back your testimony, the Lord sent us in NSPPD to tell you, I have gone ahead of you, it will end in your favor mabaskataraba
  • What kind of arrangement am I seeing in your workplace to make you redundant I decree receive your mantle of relevance, receive it right now let your Amen thunder
  • Cancer of the Liver mabasaka I command let it disappear let it disappear Amen IN JESUS NAME.
  • I don’t know who you are by your own mistake you fell from where God placed you and you fell to the ground thus saith the Lord in 7 Weeks if you will not doubt because you have cried for mercy I the Lord I am arising I am showing kindness again I am rising and showing you mercy in 7 weeks I will do for you what no man can do
  • Today stubborn challenges that have defied my prayers you are a lier you are a lier, any stubborn challenges that is saying no matter how much I prayer in NSPPD you are a lier stubborn challenges that have vow that i will not raise my head you are a lier
  • Stubborn changes that have vow i will not rise. what are you doing around my Life? FIRE FIRE FIRE FIE FIRE Open your mouth in today’s NSPPD Prayer and pray
  • Pastor Declare – How there you challenge the people of God as the Lord liveth any power that is challenging you from rising we command that power die by fire
  • Every mockery that you have suffered we command you to be crushed by fire, we command you to carry your testimony
  • I command if it will take a mountain to melt so that you carry your testimony I command that mountain melt by fire
  • Your family will not bury again I announce it again your family will not bury again
  • The Lord is showing mercy on Men with prostate cancer, by the power that raises Jesus from the dead, I even see one of you that are so young, you have prostrate challenges like an old man Raktabababa by the power that raised Jesus from the dead let that prostrate cancer caster in this NSPPD Prayer Alter in Jesus name
  • I am led to declare this Today is the day of warfare we take it by fire we take it by force
  • Household wickedness hanging around you to perpetuate wickedness, as you shout Amen in today’s NSPPD we command those evil to be swallowed
  • Wherever you are as this prayer is entering another Level 2 days of Fire, 2 Days of NSPPD Fire prayers, when you cannot take it anymore you will break the yoke off your neck
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4. LORD, thank You for the opportunity of another NSPPD DAILY prayer in
this year 2022.
5. Genesis 28:12; LORD, visit me in today’s NSPPD prayer altar. Open my
heavens and let there be uncommon encounters in Jesus name.
6. O God, I connect to You; help me to create the right atmosphere for the
Holy Ghost today in Jesus name.
7. Daniel 10:13; You territorial powers mandated to hinder my NSPPD prayers
and answers today  be arrested now in
Jesus name.
8. I sanctify this NSPPD prayer altar and the environment with the Blood of Jesus.
9. 1 Thessalonians 5:23; Lord, purge and sanctify my heart. Flood my
soul with Your peace as I seek Your face today in Jesus name.
10. Philippians 4:6; O Lord, grant my petition and supplication today NSPPD; I
shall not pray in vain in Jesus name.
11. Job 5:12; O Dark World, I am not your candidate, you cannot rubbish
my destiny; catch fire and burn now in Jesus name.
12. Vs. 12; You demonic traders in the dark market, trading with destinies,
my destiny is not for sale; die, die, die and die by fire in Jesus name.
13. Vs. 12; O dark market making me your focus and target in 2022, be
blindfolded concerning my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.
14. Psalm 11:3; I command the foundation of the dark markets erected to
clamp down on me in 2022; collapse and scatter now in Jesus name.

NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 19 TH APRIL 2022
15. Isaiah 8:18; I AM A WONDER to the dark world, they cannot understand
me this year; confusion is their name in Jesus name.
16. Vs. 18; I AM A WONDER this year; my life and ministry shall surprise
the dark world and they shall be helpless and dumbfounded in Jesus
17. Vs. 18; Agents of the dark world operating around my life, I am a wonder;
dry up, dry up and dry up in Jesus name. NSPPD
18. Luke 21:15; My Father, my Father; I AM A BONE the dark market
cannot crack in 2022; they cannot resist the wisdom of God in me in
Jesus name. NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 19 TH APRIL 2022
19. O God, corrupt the wisdom of the dark market concerning my life
and ministry this year; they shall fail in Jesus name.
20. Every satanic intelligence deployed to make me a prey and food for the
dark market, hit the ROCK and scatter in Jesus name.
21. Job 22:28; I command every demonic intelligence gathering information
about me in order to confiscate my divine surprise packages this year,
to become obsolete in Jesus name.

NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 19 TH APRIL 2022
22. Vs. 28; Evil network of the dark market meant to track down my destiny
THIS January, February, March (mention the 12 months of the
year now), catch fire, catch fire and scatter by fire and thunder.
23. Vs. 28; Evil markets in the marine world trading with my marital destiny,
get ready for a surprise this year; burn, burn, burn and burn now by fire
in Jesus name.
24. Vs. 28; You dark market of marine origin holding sway to my marital ring, release it by fire by force in Jesus name – NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 19 TH APRIL 2022

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