NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 26TH APRIL 2022 Healing and Deliverance Service AKA The God that Answers By Fire

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NSPPD LIVE Jerry Eze 26TH APRIL 2022

THEME: Healing and Deliverance Service AKA The God that Answers By Fire


  • The Loin of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed
  • The Loin of the Tribe of Judah roar
  • Today whatsoever that is not of God in my fife today the Lio of Judah prevail roar by fire by fire by fire in Jesus name
  • Today I am delivered from repeated battles in Jesus’ name
  • Right now any battle that has repeated again and again in my life Fire Fire
  • Affliction shall not rise again, today fire fire fire nsppd 7am prayer pray!! pray rakatattaahbalakata
  • Every area where you saw repeated battles they are shattered in today’s NSPPD prayers in Jesus’ name
  • I see someone, what manner of strange manipulation, Is ee him giving out all his money. All his property i see him lying on the bed he cannot do anything He is not running a fever, He is not sick He does not do anything again. I see him lying on the bed crying, If they ask him whats going on he say He does not know. Ashakabra that Family you are connected to the NSPPD Alter of fire this a serious battle by this you shall know that Your God has intervein in Jesus name/ Let that shackles of the devil break by fire – Let your Amen thunder, Let your Amen rise
  • Today the sword of God’s deliverance deliver me. By the power that raised Jesus from the dead, wherever you are, let there be a recovery in Jesus name
  • Today Pastor Jerry Declares anybody that has lost opportunities, that has lost helpers that God brought to them, anybody that has missed the hour of visitation, As your Amen thunder let there be a restoration, I decree Restore Restore Restore
  • Sword of Gods deliverance, today enter every area of my life, enter every area of my life whatsoever that is not of God, cut down , cut down any wrong foundation, cut down any negative comment, cut down cut down
  • Hear me as i hear the Lord, if you are under the sound of my voice and you know that delay has messed me up, if you know that delay has stood in your way, If you know that delay has made you look like the word of God is not real in your life shakabaraba as I call delay to be cut down by FIRE DELAY!! CUT DOWN BY FIRE
  • I dont know who you are but I hear the Lord say I am delivering you from rising and falling, Is ee you going forwardand going backward. when you feel you are going forward suddenly something will arise and pull you. If it sounds like you, raise your hand and say “Any power of forward and backward movement in my life I command fire”
  • Today any power, any arrow of forward and backward movement in my life, FIRE  FIRE FIRE FIRE
  • Any mindset  that is plaguing you, that say you are not qualified to move further as you Amen Thunder I command it Scatter by fire
  • Wherever you are, the fire balls of heaven are falling mashakabraba  Men and Women are entering their destinies
  • The Lord is showing me somone delivered from any kind of addiction, drug addiction, substance addiction, sex addiction, I command Break Break Break
  • An invader will not carry your harvest in Jesus name. You know what I am saying, I block them I block them I block them. Let your Amen thunder
  • Say today this door must pen, today I don’t know the door but you know the door. Is it a marriage door? career door. spiritual door? akabababshaka someone say today this door must open today this door, this door must open
  • Today Iron gate I command you Open by fire by fire by fire by fire
  • Today we declare scatter the Iron gate, wherever there is an Iron gate in any area of your life, today we decree by the sword of Gods deliverance, we command them to break
  • Today we command your favor doors to open right now, your financial doors open right now your business doors open right now, conception door open right now.
  • As you Amen will thunder rule in the midst of your enemies in Jesus name. Abd the Lord said sit thou at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool
  • I dont know who they are, the contenders of your New Season, I announce rule in their midst In Jesus name
  • I hear the Lord said, every breeding problems, every respiratory problem, i decree let the, disappear right now
  • I see the Lord making two hands that are not equal I see the Lord making them equall
  • I dont know who you are, A man took what was rightfully yours and gave it to someone, before 3pm Nigeria Time, as your Amen will thunder, receive it back right now in Jesus name
  • I dont know who you are, in 3 years you lost three older siblings now you are the oldest, wherever you go you hear a voice that tell you that you are the next to die! if you are the one droop a comment o this post and say “I AM FROM THAT FAMILY? Ayakabara the Lordhas remembered you.
  • I see a growth in your private part, you have removed that growth 3 times and it has come back again if you are that person drop a comment say I am the one ashakabaraba miraculously I command let that growth disappear right now in Jesus name.
  • I dont know who you are, your wedding is next week it was canceled and you are crying Lord please dont allow this shame, the  Lord is saying forget the excuses the lord is saying its an Enemy that has done this. But the Lord is saying you will knowthat Ehat God cannot do does not exist. Let any power responsible for the cancellation break in JESUS Name we command you turn around by fire  by fire you wedding must hold in Jesus name
  • Jehova mighty man of war, the God that answer by fire rain your fire on every area of my life, rain your fire on every negativity on Marital spell rain your fire on shame rain your fire on failure rain your fire on delay in Jesus name.

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