NSPPD Pastor Jerry Eze


NSPPD Pastor Jerry Eze

Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze is an amazing man of God who the Lord has blessed this generation with.
Born on August 22, 1982, the servant of God has grown into a big voice in this dispensation, by the grace
of God.

He was born in Item, Bende Local Government of Abia State, Nigeria, and is currently the founder and
senior Pastor of Streams of joy international. One of the things that made him popular is the NSPPD


NSPPD Pastor Jerry Eze

If you have a good smartphone, you can always partake in all Pastor Jerry Eze prayer meetings and
sessions on this platform. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are, you can always receive the
blessings of God.

One of the great uses of social media is for the spread of the gospel. And we are grateful that someone
like Pastor Jerry Eze is using social media to spread the realities of the power and essence of the
kingdom of God.

You know, one of the reasons a lot of people are usually participating in NSPPD Pastor Jerry Eze is
because of the results and testimonies that abounds. It is necessary to note that many people today are
not interested in wasting their time. If they are going to commit themselves to something, then there
must be results.

And we give thanks to God that we are seeing His powers very greatly and frequently. People are seeing
continually that the Lord is still alive and is still strong and mighty. Indeed, the Lord keeps working great
signs and wonders, and people from all over the world keeps seeing that He is still working greatness in
the life of people.

One of the things that can get people discouraged is if they are not seeing the great things we read in
the bible. There are some people who still doubt the realities we read in the bible, because they are yet

to see such things coming to past in their own time. However, thanks to God that we are now seeing
much more, and we are grateful to God for the life of His servant.
Today, there are several servants of God that the Lord is using to work great signs and wonders. One of
whom is Pastor Jerry Eze.

Pastor Jerry Eze

It is important to note that Pastor Jerry Eze is still a pretty young minister. However, God has lifted His
servant, and has given him a voice in the realm of the spirit. This is why he can always command great
authorities so much so that his words are significant.

One of the core things that defines this man of God is that he is a man of prayer. He loves praying, and
indeed, God is doing a lot for him, with him, and through him. Indeed, Pastor Jerry Eze is a man of God
that can be recommended.

So, let’s say you reading this right now is a young minister who wants to do great things for the Lord in
whatever area He has called you for, you can see if you can learn some things from him. And one of the
major things you should learn about him is the fact that you should also devote yourself to prayers.

You see, prayer is very powerful. Powerful makes a lot of things possible, making great powers of God
available. When you as a person devotes yourself to great prayers, it becomes very easy to be
transformed in the presence and realm of God, and you will become what He has in mind for you. Of
course, this is always something very glorious, because the thoughts He has for you are always thoughts
of good and pleasantness.

When you rise in glory, you won’t be an ordinary person, and you can always transform your world the
way you ought to. The truth is, as you are devoted to staying in the presence of God, a lot of things
happens to you in line with God’s Will, and you will be able to do a lot for His kingdom.

If you are looking for Pastor Jerry Eze secrets, these are some of the things he will gladly tell you. It is not
by power nor might, but by the Spirit of the living God. When you interact with the Holy Ghost, He
launches you to become.

So, why is NSPPD quite powerful? It is because of the presence of God in what is being done. Pastor
Jerry Eze comes with God’s power and authority and is able to make things happen for God’s Glory. So,
people will always have good and pleasant testimonies because this is how God has ordained it.

You know, Pastor Jerry Eze will always say “What God cannot do does not exist”. This is nothing but the
truth. The man of God has seen (and he keeps seeing) the great and mighty hands of God upon his own
life. See how God changed and transformed his life, and he keeps seeing what is happening around him –
how God keeps doing very great and mighty things.

Hence, God keeps proving Himself very strong in all Pastor Jerry Eze activities, and people will always
want to attach themselves to such kinds of ministries. This is one of the reasons this man of God will
keep growing in God and will keep doing very great and mighty things for the glory of God.

In Conclusion

You can always partake in Pastor Jerry Eze prayer sessions even on social media platforms. You can
follow him on YouTube and you will be blessed as these spiritual activities gets you closer to the LORD.


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