Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD

Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD


Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD
Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD

Pastor Jerry Eze NSPPD

Pastor Jerry Eze is a prominent man of God who is greatly loved by many. He has always been a blessing
to the Body of Christ and to the world at large. He is the General overseer of Streams of Joy
International, with influences and impacts all around the world. Despite being a young man, God has
been raising him up and He keeps empowering His servant for kingdom exploits.

Pastor Jerry Eze has been taking advantage of technology to reach more and more people with the
message of the Lord. He is famous for his YouTube live streaming which is usually followed by numerous
people across the globe. Of course, it is easy for people to give themselves to things like this because
they know and are very much convinced that they are not in anyway wasting their time. They know that
they are blessed and will continued to be blessed, since God is involved with what His servant is doing.

On his YouTube live streaming, you will see Pastor Jerry Eze praying fervently over a lot of requests
which several followers from different parts of the world usually send to him. The people have issues in
their lives which they obviously know that it is only the Hand of God that can bring a change, and this is
one of the reasons they are quick to pour out their desires.

It should be noted that many of these people have indulged in several things at different times, and they
have seen that no help from elsewhere. This is why they usually just look unto the Lord for help, and
God always prove Himself to be great and mighty. God is indeed unlimited and there is absolutely
nothing the Lord cannot do.

So, a lot of people from different parts of the world are aware that God answers their prayers, and they
see what God is doing through His vessel Pastor Jerry Eze. Therefore, it is very easy to come and
experience the mighty Hands of God in great and spectacular ways. The man of God prays on different
types of illnesses, court cases, and financial issues, and God shows mercy on the people and bring
deliverance and breakthrough to them.

What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist

One of the things Pastor Jerry Eze is well-known for is his “What God cannot do does not exist.” This is a
proclamation he loves declaring, and it is nothing but the truth. Indeed, what God cannot do does not
exist. This is because, God has been proving Himself strong and mighty and He won’t stop doing so.

The Lord is the same yesterday and today and forever. He has been doing very great things in times past,
and He is still strong and mighty to do even greater things. All through the pages of scripture, we have
been seeing God’s power and miracles. Obviously, He will continue proving Himself as God. For He is still

We should understand scripture. In the Romans, we could see that it is the goodness of God that brings
salvation and draws people unto repentance. God proves His mighty powers to enhance the lives of
people, and they are prompted to submit to Him. When God extends His miraculous Hands, it is easy to
see that indeed He is loving and have our best interests at heart.

So, we are grateful to the Lord for His servant, like Pastor Jerry Eze. He is a vessel that God keeps using
for great exploits, and to show the world that God is still strong and very mighty. If you are familiar with
Pastor Jerry Eze, you will know that he preaches miracle healings. And the truth is, a lot of people have
experienced God’s miracles through his ministry. The man of God has great faith that God keeps healing
His own and working great miracles, and we keep seeing the results.

It does not matter where you are in the world, you can always follow the man of God online and get
blessed by his ministry. The preachings of Pastor Jerry Eze are circulated through live broadcast, and
there are other forms of videos which you can watch to be blessed. You can even send in your
testimonies and results of these prayers to strengthen the faith of others.

Great Testimonies

Glory to God! The ministry of Pastor Jerry Eze is followed by testimonies. There are usually many people
always testifying of God’s goodness and great works. The testimonies are in different ways. Talk about
healings, conception after years of infertility, and many more. These are superb acts of the Lord that are
obviously greater than commonsense. Like Pastor rightly said, they are the “strange acts of God,’ and
“beyond science and technology.”

God is good. This is one of the core things we all must know and continue to remember. And the fact
remains that it doesn’t matter what comes our way, God is ever good and faithful. And the truth is, He
will always help us in all ways.

In Conclusion

Pastor Jerry Eze is a dynamic man of God who God has been using for great exploits. God has anointed
His servant, and will keep using him for His own glory. Therefore, since Pastor is a true man of God, you
can keep following his ministry and continue to be blessed by him.



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